“Since the beginning, I have taken an interest in the plasticity of plastic rather than in plastic itself. And it is in this ontological perspective that I could immediately relate to Hahn's works.
Plasticity refers to the adventure of the form, the one we receive, like clay receives its form, or the one we give it, like a sculptor gives marble its form. Plasticity refers also to the potential explosion of every form. This can be heard in the French word ‘plastic’ (plastic explosive) or ‘plastiquage’ (bomb attack), the violent deflagration of the bomb.”
Catherine Malabou, 2015

Text: “Beeing or Life”, Catherine Malabou
Language: French, German, English
Number of Pages: 124 Pages
Number of Images: 99
Medium: Book 32 cm x 21,3 cm / Poster 70 x 100 cm
Edition: 500 Copies
ISBN 978-3-909090-69-3

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